BMANET 008: Upon Shadows (Ury) - Tenebre (2011)

01. Tenebre
02. Dim Halo Of Dead Hope
03. Ondinas
04. Desolate Cold Of The Flesh
05. The Core


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Something about the beginning: Upon Shadows is Tamara’s project she started playing keys in Eclampsy in 1995, one of the biggest death metal bands of her country. Where she played for seven years; and started the Upon Shadows project in the middles of 2002, trying to find a new way for her music. Upon Shadows music style could be inside of Dark Metal, full of keyboards and atmospheric parts.  For the first release the band was formed as a trio, conformed by following musician friends: Marcelo Aguilar in guitar and lead vocals in demo 2003 (ex Thy Dominion / Requiem Aeternam). Natalia Arocena in bass guitar (ex Sigma Sentinel /Alsirat/ Asgard). And Tamara Picardo on Keyboards some voices and programming. The demo album was called just Upon Shadows and in this CD we can find 14 tracks (about 45 min.) with a big range of keyboards, effects and dark ambience. The atmosphere of both music and lyrics have a conceptual thematic. It’s a CD that talks about magic and myths. In 2009 Upon Shadows is back after a long period of transitions, with new material and some changes. This time the voices are by Tamara. The new material is called “The Huge Circle Of Time” and is a short album of 6 songs, divided in two parts. The first 3 tracks are total dark metal and the last 3 are instrumental keyboard songs. This album have been getting really great acceptance and comments. Now one year later from the last release Upon Shadows new album is finished. Again with some changes in the lineup.  This time the band rise as a female duo. With the both same women from the beginning but this time Tamara takes the control of guitars to.  And the result is the most personal work of all. The new album is called “Melodies In Grey Scale” are 10 songs, about 50 min. And the main concept of this new album is a reflection about depression, where the message is that sadness in all its shades of grey don’t go by the hand of weakness. And how people into metal always are able to see beauty even in the darkest places. And the band tried to make it with a fusion between the most grey and melancholic lyrics and keyboard melodies with the strong of the bass, guitar, drums and voices.