BMANET 003: Frosthammer (Can) - Nexus Of Time (2011)

01. The Waste Lands
02. One From Many
03. In This Haze of Green and Gold
04. The End of an Age (part 1)
05. The End of an Age (part 2)
06. Song of the Rose
07. The Tunnel
08. Nexus of Time


Frosthammer started in spring of 2009 with the goal of recording innovative black metal with a variety of influences, staying true to the black metal genre while expanding on the ideas set by black metal’s founders.  The name "Frosthammer" was intended to be a tribute to our influences “Celtic Frost” and “Hell Hammer.”  The style we've adopted is heavily orchestrated, while trying to achieve an epic and heavy atmospheric sound.

This album is a conceptual work based on Stephen King's epic series "The Dark Tower" but on a deeper level these songs represent an anti-industrial view point.  This album tells a story of how mankind will eventually destroy this earth and itself, for no other reason than selfishness and greed.